Thursday, November 5, 2009

French Style Pizza

Our favorite vacation spot is St. Martin in the Carribean. It is a 13 square mile island, half of which is French, the other half Dutch. We prefer the French side of the island mainly for the FOOD. We love the bechamel, escargot, foie gras, lobster thermador ect. However, one of our absolute favorite meals is the pizza. Yes folks, French style pizza. Thin flatbread crust, cured meats, sharp cheese and a sunny side up egg in the middle. Whoa! What did you say? You had me until you said egg? On a pizza? That's right, it's the best. Pulling a slice of of pizza out and you get that little bit of yolk with it....heaven.

We attempted to recreate our little bit of Europe tonight. We used a basic baking soda flatbread recipe, added sliced mozzarella, salami, home pickled onions, parmesan cheese on top. Popped it in the oven for about 10 min, pulled it out briefly to crack an egg right in the middle, back in the over for another 5 min. We were pretty pleased with the results.

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