Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dahlia Lounge

We usually make it to Seattle at least once or twice a month. When we do, we like to eat at one of the many amazing restaurants in the Seattle area.

A couple of weeks ago we headed off to the big city to meet up with @FidelitasJess to pick up our wineclub shipment and do some shopping. When dinner time rolled around we tossed around a few ideas and decided to go to Dahlia Lounge. We first went to the Dahlia Lounge about 6 years ago. It was then that we had our first taste of pork belly. It was braised in maple syrup and was amazing. So much so that it remains in our memory banks 6 years later.

To start we ordered up the Sea Bar Sampler, that included geoduck, dungeness crab and smoked salmon. For dinner I had the grilled pork sirloin that was served with braised cabbage and celery root. Hubby had the 5 spice duck with brussels sprouts, acorn squash and a piece of pear that had been poached in duck fat!

Then dessert time had arrived! Giddy I was, because I already know that I was getting - DOUGHNUTS! Hot from the fryer, dusted with cinnamon & sugar, served in a paper sack. I'd like to rename them "Pillows From Heaven". They are served with whipped marscapone and cranberry jam. Oh yeah, hubs had creme rocked too.

Next time you are looking for an awesome meal, get ye to Dahlia Lounge!

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