Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's in a Name?

I have had many different reactions to my handle, KSyrah, that I use on various social media sites and message boards. Honestly I picked that name because of my love of wine, especially Syrah. Plus I liked it's play on the classic song Que Sera, Sera.

Recently at a wine tweetup, we were asked wear nametags with our name and our twitter handle on it. I encountered a lot of "Oh, you're KSyrah" and "I love your twitter handle", but for the first time I had someone ask me "Do you work for K Vintners?". My answer? I wish! However, I don't think that Charles Smith needs any help what so ever promoting his wines.

On that note, I happened upon my local Costco one day perusing the wine section. Low and behold, what do I see? I bottle of K Vintners 2007 K Syrah

This wine is 100% Syrah that is sourced from Milbrandt vineyards on the Wahluke Slope. This dense reddish purple wine had aromas of blackberry, spice & vanilla. Right after opening, the wine seemed tight. So, I let it sit open while I marinated some prawns in a raspberry chipotle marinade. After an hour, this wine sang. Robust dark berry on the front with a little oak, mild tannins. It seemed to drop off a bit, but had a nice subtle berry finish. It really went well with the prawns. The wine complemented the raspberry very nicely but also stood up to the chipotle as well.

As flattered as I was to be associated with K Vintners K Syrah, we are not affiliated. However, Charles if you are reading this....let's talk.

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