Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tero Estates - One To Watch In Walla Walla

On our visit to Walla Walla last month, we visited with Jan Roskelley of Tero Estates.  They had just opened up their new tasting room in the lobby of the Marcus Whitman Hotel.  I was impressed with Tero's offerings then, scooping up a bottle of the '07 Tero Red Wine.

Fast forward a month - Tero is the featured winery for April at Village Wines in Woodinville.  All month, my best laid plans to stop by and meet Doug Roskelly (the RO half of of TeRO) kept falling through. Finally on Saturday, 4/30 I had an opportunity!  Unfortunately,  I didn't get to meet Doug, but I did get to meet his business partner and long time friend Mike Tembreull (the TE half of TEro).   Mike poured us the new releases which included the '09 Tero Red, '08 ST (Super Tuscan), '07 Walla Walla Cab Sauv, '07 Estate Windrow Vineyards Cab Sauv.  While all of Tero's wines were impressive, the ST and the Windrow Cab were standouts.

The ST (Super Tuscan) is 51% Sangiovese, 49% Cab Sauv and for a 2008 it is smooth.  The Cab, sourced from Horse Heaven Hills, takes the sharp edges off the Sangio; but not too much.  You still have the great acidity that would make this a wonderful food wine.

The Windrow Cab is Tero's shining jewel.  It's sourced from their estate vineyards in Milton Freewater, OR.  Full and robust, smooth black fruits with a hint of acidity and herb.  Really, really great wine.  At 268 cases, this one won't last.  In fact, all of Tero's wines have been selling out before their next release.

If you are heading over to Walla Walla for Spring Release this weekend definitely check out Tero Estates.  They will be pouring all these fabulous wines and you can see for yourself - Tero is something special.

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