Friday, September 16, 2011

Wineglass Cellars - Pioneers of the Rattlesnake Hills

Wineglass Cellars was founded in 1994 by David & Linda Lowe, with their first release in May of 1995.  Their philosophy of wine making is hands on, keeping production low and quality high.  Their production is 2200 cases a year.  Because of this, they are able to take advantage of smaller parcels of grapes available from some of Washington's premier vineyards, including Red Willow.  I am a huge fan of Wineglass and have been since I first got into wine. Since the late 90s, I have visited them at least a half dozen times and every single time I am blown away by the quality of their wines.

Back in March, we stopped by Wineglass on our way to Walla Walla.  At that time, they were bottling a yet to be named Syrah/Grenache blend.  On our way east this past weekend, I was eager to stop by and see what came about of this wine.  Enter Two Friends, 50% Syrah 50% Grenache blend.  With the perfect balance of fruitiness from the Syrah and the earthy acidity of the Grenache, this wine is drinking so well right now. It isn't being released until October, so definitely keep this one on your radar.

The next time you are on your way to Red Mountain or Walla Walla, I urge you to bail off of I-82 in Zillah, make your way through the dusty farm roads, and stop by Wineglass Cellars.  Sample some amazing wines, talk to some great down to earth people and take it all in.

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Scott Abernethy said...

We tasted a couple of their wines when we toured Red Willow Vineyard in August! I was particularly fond of their 6-clone cab, with a Carmenere kicker! That little bit of spice made the wine very special. Prices were right, too.